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Welcome to Cline's Business Equipment where service is our #1 priority!

Here at Cline's we carry a full line of Konica-Minolta Digital Copiers, Printers, Scanners, and office solutions. We are also an authorized Samsung dealer/Service center. We are located in the heart of downtown Visalia, CA, and service a wide area of the valley ranging from Fresno, down as far South as Tulare and Bakersfield, and as far west as Hanford and Lemoore! Whether it's a Copier, fax machine or laser printer, we can meet any need large or small. Everything from small tabletop all-in-one copier/printer/fax/scanner's to high-end production print machines. We offer new or refurbished, black and white or full color. We can take care of a 1-day rental or a 60-month lease all in house. Cline's also works on computers and computer networks - just give us a call!

  • J.D. Dolan, President, CEO
  • Johnny Fernandez, Service Manager
  • Peter Bowles, IT Director
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Connect With Facebook!

I've just added a feature to the website that allows you to connect to us via facebook. On all of our articles, you can now post comments straight from your facebook account. This allows you to connect with Cline's on a more personal level. While you're at it, make sure you 'like' the Cline's Facebook Page!

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Buy Custom!

How many of you buy computers at the big-box store? When that computer has a hardware issue more often than not it seems that it's not worth it to fix the issue. These 'pre-fab' bargain boxes are almost always built inside of cases with strange form-factors, and are filled with proprietary or non-standard parts that aren't easy to upgrade or replace.

Most manufacturers source out the absolute cheapest components possible to keep the price down. While it's understandable that they would want to keep their profit margins high, it doesn't always work out well for the consumer - IE you!

Cline's can build custom computers tailored to the work you do with long-lasting higher quality parts that can easily be upgraded in the future. Instead of buying a new computer down the road, simply upgrade! Whether you need a low-cost office machine, a graphics and design workhorse, or a gaming machine, Cline's has you covered. Call Jamie in the IT department for more details!

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Upgrade Your Router!

Unleash your router's full potentialHow often does your internet connection go down? How many times have you had to get up and unplug your router, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in to get yourself back online? What if I told you that we have a solution to this common problem?

Most routers have this issue - they are so small and poorly ventilated that they simply overheat, or simply freeze because the software doesn't control the components inside of it properly. Once it overheats or crashes, it can become unresponsive and your connection goes down.

Cline's stocks custom modified routers with special firmware and other modifications to prevent this from happening. Depending on your network setup, Cline's can usually have everything switched over to a new unit in under an hour. Call us for more info. Never reset your router again!

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OSX 10.7 Lion Update

OSX Lion - Roar!Apple recently released the OSX 10.7 update 'Lion.' In this release, they disabled the graphical user interface (GUI) for the FTP Service included in the previous versions of the operating system. This was a popular scanning method used by Cline's and many other MFP devices.

If you have recently updated to 10.7 and can no longer scan - this may be why! Call Cline's today to set up an appointment to get you up and running again.

If you're saying to yourself "Scanning?!!" maybe you should give us a call! Almost every one of our devices scan by default, and we can have you set up in minutes! There is no longer a need to send lengthy faxes. Simply scan it and e-mail it as a PDF. It's simple!

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Helpful Tip: Binding Position

Have you ever tried to print a 2-sided document, and found that the 2nd side is upside down? Today's tip can tell you how to fix this common problem!

Binding Position Dialog BoxWhen you're printing from your computer, with most models, you have a "binding position" option. This option lets you configure which side of the page whether it be the top, left, or right is used when you turn the page over. If you want to turn your page from the short-edge of the paper (typically the "top"), select top. If you want to turn your page from the long-edge of the paper (usually the "left" or "right" side option) choose the appropriate option.

Have you used this before to get your documents to come out just as you imagined they should? Let us know about it in the comments section!

Note: On certain older models, they refer to the setting as "short-edge" or "long-edge" binding positions.

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Are you a member of a GPO?

Konica Minolta GPO Healthcare ConferenceJD (Owner), Johnny (Service Manager), and myself (IT Director) just got back from a great informational seminar regarding all of the benefits and uses of having a Bizhub in a medical office! From HIPAA compliance, to EHR conversion, we have the multi-function printer/scanning/fax machine to take care of you.

With the new laws that have begun being phased into the realm of healthcare regarding privacy and digitization, you can't afford not to start now. In fact there are many government incentives in place for hospitals to receive up to $16 million for being in compliance!

That being said, you can take advantage of a new MFP (or even a fleet of them if you're looking into a system-wide refresh for HIPAA compliance!) for significantly lower prices if you're a member of one or more of the popular GPOs. Contact us for more info!

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Be Aware of Scammers!

Please let your office staff know!!!

Those whom we call 'Toner Pirates,' 'Toner Scammers' etc. are out in full force. Please let your staff know ALL OF YOUR TONER IS FREE!! All you need to do is simply call Cline's @ (559)733-9354 and ask for more when you are out or preferably when you install your last bottle.

These scammers are clever, and in some cases have made several calls gathering information about your models of copiers and your service provider. The scammer will then call, on occasion even pretending to be Cline's with some bogus 'SALE' that is ending and saying toner prices are going to increase very soon so you better act now! The unsuspecting office person answering the phone agrees to a purchase and the product is sent UPS to the site. Like everyone else, packages arrive, they are accepted/signed for and the UPS man leaves. You open a box and find out you have been billed $300-$400 for a 'single' bottle of toner.

If you ever receive a call like this or have any suspicion at all, please call J.D., Yvette or Rose @ Cline's (559) 733-9354 and confirm you're being contacted by Cline's Business Equipment. Also, Cline's will never call you 'selling' toner because remember... It's all free and covered under all of your maintenance contracts!

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How about this weather?...

It has been dark and gloomy for days on end! Did you know that the weather can affect your copiers performance? Here are a few things that you can do to make sure you stay up and running when it's wet, cold, and rainy!

  • Keep a minimum temperature of at least 65 degrees in your office - Many machines (especially color copiers) will code out and have issues if they become too cold. The mirrors and lenses will fog up, and the imaging units will act goofy. Keeping your office environment warm can keep this from happening!
  • Keep your paper in a dry, relatively warm place - If your paper is exposed to the elements and becomes damp or wrinkled from the cold or extreme heat, it can cause several problems such as jamming, creasing, and folding of copies. The humidity in the paper when heated by the rollers causes the paper to curl and fold in on itself just as a curling iron works on wet hair. Keep your paper in a climate-controlled area to prevent this!
  • Don't push your copier too close to a wall, or into a "closet" in your office - If your copier is too close to a wall, or in a room where the air is not well ventilated, it can cause it to overheat (especially in the Summer months)and kill expensive hard to replace components inside the machine. Keep your copier/MFP several inches away from the wall to encourage favorable airflow in and around the machine, and don't place your copier in a corner office that doesn't have an A/C vent!

With these quick tips you can keep your copier in tip-top shape and prevent unnecessary service requests, and keep your business up and running!

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MFP Security

A Great article has surfaced on the web regarding MFP security and hard drives.. give it a read (especially if you saw the CBS special!) Read the full article, or read just the important parts below...

Is Your Multifunction Printer Spilling Your Secrets?

Recently the press had a field day with a CBS news report about how digital copiers can become a repository of your deepest and darkest secrets. The story, which is still reverberating in the legal sector, pointed out that digital copiers contain hard drives that store an image of every document copied, scanned, printed or emailed through the machine.

It's true, many multifunction printers operating in large enterprises do feature hard drives, as do many consumer multifunction printers. But even if your printer does include a hard drive, it's not storing information the same way the hard drive on your computer is storing and capturing data.

When an MFP receives print requests, it stores those requests as print jobs in a queue. If the number and size of the jobs is more than the amount of physical RAM in the printer, the printer will temporarily store the jobs on an internal hard disk before returning them to RAM and printing them. (If the printer does not feature a hard disk, it will store all print jobs in RAM.)

For real security-minded (read: paranoid) professionals, don't waste time overwriting the data on a printer that has reached its end of life. Simply remove the drive and destroy the disk platter.

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Interrupt Mode

Ever in a rush to get a quick job through your copier only to find out that someone else is running a several hundred page copy job through it?.. Did you know that your copier can pause that job, and let you get your time-sensitive copy done without losing any of the previous jobs?

Enter Interrupt mode. Nearly all of the copiers we sell have this feature, and you can learn to use it in a few simple steps.

  1. Approach the copier and press the "Interrupt" button on the panel.
  2. Wait for the copier to finish spitting out the pages already running and come to a pause.
  3. Run your job through the machine as normal.
  4. Press the "Interrupt" button again to exit interrupt mode and the copier will pick up right where it left off!

With these few simple steps you can effectively turn your copy machine into two copiers. Try it out and show everyone around the office your new trick.

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Helpful Copier Tips

Sometimes, trying a few simple things can prevent a service call and save you and your business precious time! Try these helpful tips when your machine ia having a problem.

Machine has a Service Code

  • Turn the machine's main power switch (Usually located on the back of the machine, or inside of the front door) OFF and then ON again after waiting 10 seconds.
  • Open and close your machine's front doors.
  • Check for any paper jammed inside the machine.

No Power to the Machine

  • Double check to make sure your machine is plugged into a working wall outlet.
  • Make sure both the MAIN and the SUB POWER switches are turned on.

Cannot Print or Scan

  • Verify that you still are connected to the internet.
  • Make sure the Ethernet cable (Internet or 'Cat5' cable) is plugged into the side or the back of your machine.

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