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Welcome to Cline's Business Equipment where service is our #1 priority!

Here at Cline's we carry a full line of Konica-Minolta Digital Copiers, Printers, Scanners, and office solutions. We are also an authorized Samsung dealer/Service center. We are located in the heart of downtown Visalia, CA, and service a wide area of the valley ranging from Fresno, down as far South as Tulare and Bakersfield, and as far west as Hanford and Lemoore! Whether it's a Copier, fax machine or laser printer, we can meet any need large or small. Everything from small tabletop all-in-one copier/printer/fax/scanner's to high-end production print machines. We offer new or refurbished, black and white or full color. We can take care of a 1-day rental or a 60-month lease all in house. Cline's also works on computers and computer networks - just give us a call!

  • J.D. Dolan, President, CEO
  • Johnny Fernandez, Service Manager
  • Peter Bowles, IT Director
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In Case You Didn't Know....

In case you didn't know by now we do offer IT services. Maintaining your computers and network with an in -house IT staff can be costly. You should consider turning over all your IT service needs to Cline's Business Equipment. We can be your complete solution supporting all your computers, servers and copy machines! Most of you already know that our customer service is PROVEN with our copy machines, but some of you don't know that we are experts with computers as well!

Here are some of the services we do provide for our customers:

Server and PC Management

Our System Management services cover security, system administration, data backup and recovery, domain management and hosting, remote connectivity, user help desk, and preventive maintenance.

Virus Removals

The title explains it all, we remove and clean up your computer from vicious viruses. We are not the type of company who will just wipe your system clean because you have viruses.. we get rid of them while keeping all our data intact.

Custom Built PC's

We build custom PC's for our customers who are tired of running down to the local retailer buying their computer, and the machine only lasting a year due to the cheap recycled parts being put in the machines. We build our computers with high grade parts and lots of pride.

Consider Cline's Business Equipment today, where we can provide you with ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS instead of getting the run around each and everytime. Call (559) 733-9354 and ask for Peter or Lance!

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What is Managed Print Services?

Have you ever heard the term Managed Print Services or MPS? MPS is service that is offered to businesses in order to streamline management and reduce costs that are associated with printing and copying. Managed Print Services will help cut ownership costs, and increase productivity in the workplace.

Most customers are unaware of printing costs, with so many factors adding into the cost which include toner, paper, parts, and labor. Companies will co-exist with many devices, different models, with multiple vendors it could be difficult to keep track of everything.

Without having a strategy in place, printing can be a nuisance. Broken printers, missing supplies, and outdated equipment will cause a decrease in productivity. These issues can cause a halt when printing invoices, records, receipts, and other forms when needed at a critical time.

Here at Clines our Managed Print Services will take on this workload and manage your print infrastructure while you focus on your real business. We will conduct a thorough up front assessment of your company and provide solutions for your printing and copying needs.

You will never have to get your own supplies as our staff will hand deliver your toner. We will provide technical support in your office or remotely. Our qualified technicians are on stand-by ready to perform any service required to keep your office running. To learn more about MPS give us a call today!

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Computer Problems?

Cline's Computer Services

Have you ever noticed that computers break down more regularly now than in the past? Computers these days are going down due to the use of cheap and unreliable hardware used in "Big-Box" retail stores. Also another factor would be due to malicious software. Viruses have become more advanced and they are frequently getting past any antivirus software installed on your computers.

If you are having these problems, why not call Clines? We offer full computer services, and we even build computers that last. Give us a call and ask for Peter or Lance. We will schedule a time and take care of all of your needs!

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Cline's Managed Services

Cline's is proud to formally announce our managed services. Not only can you rely on Cline's for all of your printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers, but your network maintenance too! We have always offered one-off "break/fix" solutions at an hourly rate, but you can now sign up for services at a predictable monthly rate. Cline's Managed ServicesOur plan allows you to add and remove computers, servers, and other devices from coverage as needed, and can even cover your existing MFP connections. Your advantages include:

One single point of contact

Stop calling two or three different companies and just call Cline's! No more finger-pointing from one IT person to the next - we will take care of your entire network, as well as your printing and scanning connections. Save time and money by choosing one company that does it all.

Second-to-none knowledge of your MFP devices

How many times have you tried to rely on your IT support company, and realized that either (a) they had to call Cline's for help anyway, (and you were billed for it!) or (b) they weren't familiar with the hardware and took hours, days, or sometimes even weeks to figure it out? Or even worse - never figured it out and left you down? Cline's technicians have the knowledge, training, experience, and certifications to be able to make your network and all of the devices on it work seamlessly together.

Reliability that your "IT guy" can't beat

You wouldn't let "some guy" handle your business' finances - so why do you let "some guy" handle your network? Cline's is a business with accountable technicians and an obligation - a duty - to fix your problems. I can't count how many times I have gone into a business and had to watch an office manager try to contact their "guy," only for him to never pick up the phone, or not be able to get to the issue until later. Don't settle for this kind of service! You deserve to have a company who has been in business for over 30 years with an excellent track record to take care of your network needs.

OK, How do I sign up?

Call us, e-mail us, or use our contact page to speak with someone in our IT Department. We will schedule a time to do a free network survey, and sit down and speak with you about our services.

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IT Department Expansion

We have recently added a new employee to the Cline's Family! Meet Peter - our new IT Specialist. Peter has a background in computer repair, software and hardware troubleshooting, as well as office equipment and printer sales. Peter will be taking IT calls both remotely and on-site, as well as dealing with Cline's managed services customers for computer repair and troubleshooting, as well as network and server deployment, maintenance, and sales.

We're happy to add Peter to our growing IT Department, and we're even happier to be able to offer our customers better response times, and an even higher quality of service - Not to mention give myself (Jamie) a day off every now and then!

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Buy Custom!

How many of you buy computers at the big-box store? When that computer has a hardware issue more often than not it seems that it's not worth it to fix the issue. These 'pre-fab' bargain boxes are almost always built inside of cases with strange form-factors, and are filled with proprietary or non-standard parts that aren't easy to upgrade or replace.

Most manufacturers source out the absolute cheapest components possible to keep the price down. While it's understandable that they would want to keep their profit margins high, it doesn't always work out well for the consumer - IE you!

Cline's can build custom computers tailored to the work you do with long-lasting higher quality parts that can easily be upgraded in the future. Instead of buying a new computer down the road, simply upgrade! Whether you need a low-cost office machine, a graphics and design workhorse, or a gaming machine, Cline's has you covered. Call Jamie in the IT department for more details!

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What would you do if your computer was stolen?

Have you ever thought about what you would do if your computer was ever lost or stolen? Do you have a backup solution in place for your precious data? Do you have any measures in place to track your computer if you're a victim of theft?

Cline's to the rescue! We can set you up with hassle-free backup solutions for your important data, as well as tracking software that can find your computer if it's ever stolen or lost.

Contact us today to learn more!

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Upgrade Your Router!

Unleash your router's full potentialHow often does your internet connection go down? How many times have you had to get up and unplug your router, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in to get yourself back online? What if I told you that we have a solution to this common problem?

Most routers have this issue - they are so small and poorly ventilated that they simply overheat, or simply freeze because the software doesn't control the components inside of it properly. Once it overheats or crashes, it can become unresponsive and your connection goes down.

Cline's stocks custom modified routers with special firmware and other modifications to prevent this from happening. Depending on your network setup, Cline's can usually have everything switched over to a new unit in under an hour. Call us for more info. Never reset your router again!

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Computer Support Maintenance Packages

Cline's PC Maintenance and Support Packages are here! Show your computer some love.In continuing the expansion of our IT department, Cline's is happy to announce our Computer Support Maintenance Packages! For customers who need support on a regular basis, Cline's offers a computer support and maintenance package that gives you access to computer service "blocks" that you can use however you please on any of the services we offer. It covers everything from planning and installation, to on-going support and maintenance work.

When you purchase service blocks up front, you save tons of money over paying by the hour for services on a one-off basis. The more you buy, the more you save. You can also choose how often your hours are renewed.

Read about all of the details and sign up today!

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Computer Services

Cline's Computer ServicesIf you've been paying attention to our blog and recent newsletters the past few months, you know that Cline's now works on computers and computer networks! We are happy to announce that Cline's is now matching any prices for services from our local competitors! If you have a virus, need some upgrades/maintenance done on your PC/laptop, want a backup of your important data, need a wireless network set-up in your home or business, or just need some simple cleanup work done, give us the opportunity to show you what you can expect when you let Cline's handle your computer services!

If you currently or previously have had work done with another company (or even a freelancer!), we will match their service price. And yes - we make house calls! Give us a call to set up an appointment in your home or office, or simply bring your computer in today!

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OSX 10.7 Lion Update

OSX Lion - Roar!Apple recently released the OSX 10.7 update 'Lion.' In this release, they disabled the graphical user interface (GUI) for the FTP Service included in the previous versions of the operating system. This was a popular scanning method used by Cline's and many other MFP devices.

If you have recently updated to 10.7 and can no longer scan - this may be why! Call Cline's today to set up an appointment to get you up and running again.

If you're saying to yourself "Scanning?!!" maybe you should give us a call! Almost every one of our devices scan by default, and we can have you set up in minutes! There is no longer a need to send lengthy faxes. Simply scan it and e-mail it as a PDF. It's simple!

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Bring your computer to Cline's!

A happy PCYou should already know by now that Cline's works on computers. If this is coming as a surprise to you, maybe you should read our newsletter more closely! I'm going to go over a few reasons why you should be taking your computer to us instead of the "guys in blue" at the big box stores.

Cline's hires technicians, not salesmen

You can rest easy when dropping your computer off (or giving us a call to have a tech come to your home or business - yes, we make house calls!) knowing that the person who works on your computer is an industry certified technician with years of experience. Our techs are up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology and can get you up to speed. We aren't going to try and "upsell" you and push you into something you don't need - we don't have quotas here!

We have access to the right parts for the job

Most of the big box stores will only sell you parts and components that they can pull off of their own shelves. You won't find a replacement for your old DDR2-800 module in their store! Cline's has suppliers with access to the parts you need to get your PC up and running again

We stand behind our work

If you're reading this you're probably already one of our customers, and you know the level of service we provide. We're prompt, knowledgeable and we aren't satisfied until you are. You will never pay for something until it's fixed, and you can count on it continuing to work great in the future.

Still not convinced? Let us prove it to you. The next time you have an issue, bring your computer in and take advantage of our price-matching promotion! We'll match any local competitor's price on tech services - and yes, this includes the teenager you found on craigslist!

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Cline's Network Contracts

We are smack dab in the middle of the digital age. Just a decade ago, not all copiers and MFPs were as capable as they are today. Nearly all of the devices are now hooked into computer networks to allow printing, scanning, and network faxing - they don't just copy anymore!

When you purchase a machine from Cline's and go under a service contract, it covers 100% of your machine's needs from toner, imaging units and drums, waste boxes, other consumables, general cleaning and repair, and much more.

What about the other stuff?

A standard computer networkSeparate from your maintenance agreement is the optional network maintenance agreement that we offer. The network maintenance agreement covers problems with one or more computers on the network being unable to print or scan, setting up printing or scanning to/from proprietary software programs, any installation or re-installation of printer drivers, and any physical connections that need to be made from the copier to your existing network.

Without an optional network contract, you can still call Cline's to come out and take care of any non-copier-related issues, but our standard hourly rate applies.

Don't have your own in-house IT Department?

Let Cline's be your IT Department! For a flat annual fee, Cline's will take care of all network issues as they relate to your MFP device - Sign up for a network contract today! Simply fill out and remit the contract to sign up.

What about the rest of my IT related problems?

Cline's will also work on any other issues you have with your computer network at our standard hourly rates. Have a virus? Can't get your email? Need a new wireless network set up? Give us a call and we'll come straight to you and get everything taken care of. Or, if you prefer, you can always drop off your computer at our office and we can take care of it here.

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Disaster Recovery and Backup Plans

In this day and age, we keep everything on our computers. Whether it be pictures, music, and documents on our home computers and laptops, or our accounting database, employee records, service request systems, bookkeeping, and e-mails on our PCs at work. Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?

Don't tell me you answered no!... Cline's can help! Our IT department can set you up with a backup system that works. Whether you simply need files backed up on a regular basis, or you need a full-fledged drive imaging solution for your entire office, we can prepare you for the worst.

Not only do you and your business need protection from hard drive crashes, you should also have an off-site backup solution to protect you in the event of a fire or theft. This can be as simple as bringing an external drive home with you every day, or signing up with an automatic off-site backup service on the web.

Call us today for a quote on our backup solutions! The cost of setting up a disaster recovery solution far outweighs the time and money spent trying to re-create data that has been lost forever.

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Warning for Mac users!


Apple has recently released an operating system update for OS 10.6.8. Many users are reporting that upon upgrading, their printers are not working anymore.

I recommend not upgrading until a fix is posted for this. If you upgrade and are unable to print Cline's cannot help you as it is a problem with the underlying "CUPS" printing system on the Mac. See what a commotion this is causing online

Feel free to contact Jamie in the IT department with any questions or concerns

Update- Here is a link to an article that discusses the problem as well as a possible fix in detail:

From the article:

A number of Mac users have run into a problem after applying the OS X 10.6.8 software update that was released yesterday, in which their printers have stopped working. The printer will still be installed, but print jobs fail and the printer is stuck in a paused state. People experiencing this problem may see an error in the system console (shown in the Console utility) that mentions a problem related to "backend" such as the following:

printer-state-message="/usr/libexec/cups/backend/lpd failed
Backend returned status -8 (crashed)
Printer stopped due to backend errors

If this has happened to your system after applying the latest OS X 10.6.8 update, try the following options to see if they fix the problem:

Run general maintenance routines

Try booting the system into Safe Mode (restart while holding the Shift key) and then running a permissions fix on the boot drive using Disk Utility when in Safe Mode. In addition, you might try using a maintenance tool to remove system and user caches. This can be done with the utilities mentioned in our General Maintenance guide.

Reset the print subsystem

If maintenance routines do not help, go to the Print & Fax system preferences, right-click the printer list, and select the option to reset the printing system. Your printers will disappear, and you will then need to set them up again.

Reinstall the latest Combo update for OS X

If resetting the print system has not fixed the problem, try reinstalling the OS X update to see if that fixes the problem. You can do this by downloading the OS X 10.6.8 Combo Updater, then booting to Safe Mode and running the installer from there. Consider doing this after running the general maintenance and printer reset routines on the system. Once the update has been applied, reboot and set up your printers again.

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Webpage Re-design

You may have noticed that there have been a lack of updates to the webpage recently. We've been hard at work re-designing the page using the new HTML5 standard - and we're finally done!

HTML 5By upgrading the site's code to HTML5, we'll be able to take advantage of all of the features that it offers, and keep our site looking the same across all of the different web browsers.

That being said, to make sure that you get the full benefits of our website, make sure that you upgrade to the latest version of your web browser, whether it be Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or another popular browser!

Some of the other improvements we have made are streamlining some of the page elements, and eliminating some clutter on the page to gain more vertical height for the more important parts of the page.

Please bare with us if you notice any broken links or other 'oops' moments on the site. If you see anything out of the ordinary, don't hesitate to let us know so we can fix it!

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MFP Security

A Great article has surfaced on the web regarding MFP security and hard drives.. give it a read (especially if you saw the CBS special!) Read the full article, or read just the important parts below...

Is Your Multifunction Printer Spilling Your Secrets?

Recently the press had a field day with a CBS news report about how digital copiers can become a repository of your deepest and darkest secrets. The story, which is still reverberating in the legal sector, pointed out that digital copiers contain hard drives that store an image of every document copied, scanned, printed or emailed through the machine.

It's true, many multifunction printers operating in large enterprises do feature hard drives, as do many consumer multifunction printers. But even if your printer does include a hard drive, it's not storing information the same way the hard drive on your computer is storing and capturing data.

When an MFP receives print requests, it stores those requests as print jobs in a queue. If the number and size of the jobs is more than the amount of physical RAM in the printer, the printer will temporarily store the jobs on an internal hard disk before returning them to RAM and printing them. (If the printer does not feature a hard disk, it will store all print jobs in RAM.)

For real security-minded (read: paranoid) professionals, don't waste time overwriting the data on a printer that has reached its end of life. Simply remove the drive and destroy the disk platter.

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OCR Packages

Did you know that Cline's offers several different levels of document management solutions packages? Turn your existing copier, scanner or MFP device into a lean mean scanning machine!

At Cline's, we not only have the equipment to get you up and running, but the software too! Choose from simple software solutions up to advanced level applications that turn paperwork into paper that works!

Convert that stack of paper in your file cabinets into searchable portable documents that you can access with ease across the entire network!

Send files directly to Microsoft Office applications, or to a file server for complete backup and disaster recovery options. You can use an existing PC or we can set you up with the perfect equipment for your unique situation.

To find out more or to get a specialized quote, contact our IT Department by e-mail, or give us a call at (559)733-9354!

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Downloads and More...

I have added a new section to the web page for Downloads and More. Here you will find:

  • Drivers
  • Utilities
  • Network Fax Options
  • and More...
Feel free to browse our downloads, and if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to let us know!

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