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Here at Cline's we offer not only a wide range of machines and software for everyday use, but an entire slough of software and hardware based solutions to take your business to the next level. We offer full-featured scanning software, billing and account management applications, top of the line production color management software and accessories, as well as other time and money saving solutions.

Did you know that most every copy machine Cline's sells can:

  • Scan (Either directly to your email, or to your computer)
  • Fax (Most can fax directly from your computer, saving you paper and time)
  • Print Feel free to call us to set your machine up today!

If you are interested in a software or hardware solution that is not listed here, please contact us and let us know. We have a "We will figure it out" attitude. Please feel free to approach us with your questions or concerns.

Click on any of the headings below to learn more:

Pagescope Enterprise Suite

The Web-based PSES includes Account Manager, Authentication Manager, My Panel Manager, Net Care Device Manager, and i-Option.

-Account Manager

Account Manager enables aggregate analysis and management of network devices. Analysing detailed usage conditions, estimating costs, and graphing the aggregate results help to reduce unnecessary costs and to manage costs on a group basis.

Overall Image of PageScope Enterprise Suite + i-Option, and Correlation with Account Manager

  • Account data is automatically compiled for up to 2,000 MFPs and printers.
  • Upper limits are managed for up to 500 bizhubs.
  • Running costs are calculated based on criteria such as output size, color/B&W, etc.
  • Counter information is displayed in list or graph form for easy viewing.
  • Counter information is periodically and automatically forwarded to a designate folder or e-mail.
  • Dynamic data analysis allows confirmation of trends for each cycle of results.

-Authentication Manager

Authentication Manager controls authentication data for multiple MFPs on a network and enables the simple and efficient setting of authentication data for each user. This helps to integrate and streamline user management. Function restrictions can be also assigned to each user. When linked to the external server, Authentication Manager serves as an intermediate authentication server between the Active Directory and MFPs. User authentication and function restrictions can be implemented even in environments with mixed authentication methods, such as password, IC card or biometric authentication.

  • Manages up to 500 i-Option compatible bizhubs.
  • Manages by group, user or device.
  • Stores user and group settings and parameters.
  • Stores and manages acknowledgement data for biometric, IC card, and password authentication.

-My Panel Manager

My Panel Manager customises the bizhub control panel setting for each user, and simultaneously stores the customised settings in multiple bizhubs. The settings can be created from the administrator's PC screen. Linked with user authentication, the user's customised panel can be instantly retrieved to help boost work productivity.

  • Customises the bizhub control panel seting for each user.
  • Stores personal address books.
  • The order of priority for the start-up page and functions can be set.
  • Shortcuts can be stored.
  • The language can be set for the control panel.
  • The image panel and destination options can be customised for i-Option expansion.

-NetCare Device Manager

Net Care Device Manager is a freeware application that simplifies MFP setup and routine maintenance. It allows system administrators to efficiently create initial settings for devices managed by PSES, and streamlines device control.

  • Automatically searches the network and identifies connected devices.
  • Simultaneously applies the same settings to multiple devices.
  • Displays device information, including configuration, name, counter information and status. (Includes information of MIB-supported other-brand devices.)
  • Saves parameters to apply to devices.
  • Notifies administrators of device status changes and recovery information.


LK-101 features general-purpose Web browser functions that enable PDF files to be previewed, downloaded and printed. They also include an Image Panel function that divides the control panel into three areas - input, edit and output - and allows each area to be customised. LK-102 lets the user add an encrypted PDF generation function using a digital signature supporting AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

  • LK-101: Web Browser function, Image Panel function and Finishing Preview function.
  • LK-102: PDF encryption function and PDF generation function.
  • LK-103: Combines the functions of the LK-101 and LK-102.

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FTP Client/Server Software

Our FTP Client/Server Applications allow you to scan files to your computer, or to a remote or local FTP Server for storage either anonymously or with login credentials for enhanced security. Our software fully supports the popular Adobe PDF format, as well as several other image formats.

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Fiery Color Controllers

Unlock the full potential of your Color Printing Machine! Fiery Color Controllers are a must for anyone in the production print industry. Fiery Controllers give you full control over the colors that your machine prints out. The Fiery Production solutions deliver power, performance, and speed to high-end print environments. The products offer unmatched color output, extensive variable data printing support, and superior workflow management. Fiery Production solutions cater to mission-critical environments such as high-end graphic arts, design firms, commercial printers, and pre-press businesses.

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Command Workstation

Command Workstation in combination with a Fiery Color Controller gives the user absolute control over color output by offering preset and custom color profiles, spot color matching in both a PC or a Mac environment.

  • Custom monitor and printer color profiles
  • Available on PC and Mac
  • Ideal for a production print or pre-press environment

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Network Fax

Using the Network Fax option, users are able to send faxes directly from their PC, eliminating the need for a paper hard-copy, saving time and money.

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Scanning and Email

Setting up your machine to email your documents, or send them directly to your computer via SMB or FTP scanning makes archiving, e-faxing, OCRing, and retrieving them simple. From there you can edit the documents, send them to your mobile devices for access on the road, or simply archive them, putting you and your business on the fast-track to a paperless office.

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Omnipage OCR Engine

Omnipage is a full-featured OCR recognition engine and much much more. It has an intuitive, easy to use interface, and industry leading character recognition that allows you to correct and change on the fly.

Scanned images can be exported into a variety of formats including the Microsoft Office Suite, HTML, TIFF, JPEG, and a host of other image formats, Word Perfect, RTF, and more.

Omnipage goes perfectly together with Paper Port Archiving software for storing your documents in an organized fashion, archiving, and retrieving documents with ease.

With additions such as Google Desktop or Windows Search, you can instantly search through your documents for the exact file you are looking for based on any number of pre-defined or ambiguous search terms.

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Readiris OCR Software

Readiris comes in several different flavors for use in any environment ranging from the small home office with an overflowing file cabinet to a giant corporate setting with loads of reports and archived files. Readiris supports the entire Microsoft Office Suite, the OpenOffice suite, as well as many other portable formats such as PDF, Tiff, and more.

With upgrades to the Home or Pro versions, you get even more versatility. You can scan directly from business cards to your address book, separate scanned documents, and index them to your liking.

With additions such as Google Desktop or Windows Search, you can instantly search through your documents for the exact file you are looking for based on any number of pre-defined or ambiguous search terms.

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