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Cline's IT Support

About our Staff

Our IT Department is staffed with personable individuals with the knowledge and certifications needed to troubleshoot your network and computer issues quickly and efficiently.

We specialize in computer hardware and software setup and configuration, computer repair, network design and maintenance, server administration, and a myriad of all other things tech. Our technicians hold CompTIA A+ / Network+ certifications.

Managed Services

Sometimes you need more than just one-off support by the hour. For our customers with bigger networks, greater needs, or those that want simple predictable billing for all of their IT support needs, we offer monthly managed services contracts. You simply decide which devices to cover including servers, workstations, desktop printers, and MFP (copiers/all-in-ones), and we take care of it for one monthly fee. The benefit of having Cline's take care of not only your printer/copier needs, but also your network, is that you have one single point of contact - no more finger-pointing! We take care of everything.

To determine what your needs are, we do a simple no-cost network survey to account for all of your devices and find ways to help streamline your technology needs. We then craft a support plan that is unique to your business. Call us to schedule a no-obligation network survey today!

Break/Fix Services

Not everyone has an in-house IT Department. Instead of calling your 'IT Guy', who we all know is super reliable and oh-so-easy to get a a hold of, call Cline's!. We offer our services 'a-la-carte!' No matter your needs, we can help. Our prices start at $85 per hour for in town on-site visits, and just $50 per hour for remote fixes. Our services include:

Upgrade Analysis

Computer just not running like it used to? Our upgrade analysis service allows us to inspect your current software and hardware configuration and make recommendations for things like memory and storage upgrades, or replacing main components to completely speed your computer up. We will help you check that all of your software is up to date and make recommendations for upgrades if not.

Wireless Network Setup

Tired of 'plugging in' at your home or office? Let us come out and set you up with a wireless network, and connect all of your devices to it! Laptops, mobile phones, tablets - even gaming devices! We will set everything up and make sure that your network is secure with a password to keep you safe from intrusions (or just keep your neighbors off your network!).


Think of this as an oil change for your computer - something you should do on a regular basis, but probably don't. We will clean everything out, get rid of any basic problems and slowdowns, and set you up with some anti-virus and anti-spyware to keep your PC running smoothly.

Data Backup Solution

Have you ever thought about what you would do if disaster struck? If your hard drive crashes, or is stolen or lost, let us set you up with a backup solution so that all of your important files are never lost! With external backup drives and other solutions you will never have to lose your pictures, documents, and other important data.

System Restore

Most computers nowadays have a "recovery tool" built-in. If you have ever wanted to restore your computer to factory-new condition, this is the way to do it! Get rid of all of the clutter that has accumulated after years of use and make your computer run like new again.

Virus/Spyware Removal

Popups, stolen data, random and persistent crashes - These are all signs that your computer could be infected with a virus or spyware. Let us take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

To request service, simply call us at (559) 733-9354 and ask to speak to someone in the IT Department. You can also stop by during our normal business hours and drop off a PC or Mac for in-house support.