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Cline's Managed Services

Cline's is proud to formally announce our managed services. Not only can you rely on Cline's for all of your printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers, but your network maintenance too! We have always offered one-off "break/fix" solutions at an hourly rate, but you can now sign up for services at a predictable monthly rate. Cline's Managed ServicesOur plan allows you to add and remove computers, servers, and other devices from coverage as needed, and can even cover your existing MFP connections. Your advantages include:

One single point of contact

Stop calling two or three different companies and just call Cline's! No more finger-pointing from one IT person to the next - we will take care of your entire network, as well as your printing and scanning connections. Save time and money by choosing one company that does it all.

Second-to-none knowledge of your MFP devices

How many times have you tried to rely on your IT support company, and realized that either (a) they had to call Cline's for help anyway, (and you were billed for it!) or (b) they weren't familiar with the hardware and took hours, days, or sometimes even weeks to figure it out? Or even worse - never figured it out and left you down? Cline's technicians have the knowledge, training, experience, and certifications to be able to make your network and all of the devices on it work seamlessly together.

Reliability that your "IT guy" can't beat

You wouldn't let "some guy" handle your business' finances - so why do you let "some guy" handle your network? Cline's is a business with accountable technicians and an obligation - a duty - to fix your problems. I can't count how many times I have gone into a business and had to watch an office manager try to contact their "guy," only for him to never pick up the phone, or not be able to get to the issue until later. Don't settle for this kind of service! You deserve to have a company who has been in business for over 30 years with an excellent track record to take care of your network needs.

OK, How do I sign up?

Call us, e-mail us, or use our contact page to speak with someone in our IT Department. We will schedule a time to do a free network survey, and sit down and speak with you about our services.

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