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Helpful Tip: Binding Position

Have you ever tried to print a 2-sided document, and found that the 2nd side is upside down? Today's tip can tell you how to fix this common problem!

Binding Position Dialog BoxWhen you're printing from your computer, with most models, you have a "binding position" option. This option lets you configure which side of the page whether it be the top, left, or right is used when you turn the page over. If you want to turn your page from the short-edge of the paper (typically the "top"), select top. If you want to turn your page from the long-edge of the paper (usually the "left" or "right" side option) choose the appropriate option.

Have you used this before to get your documents to come out just as you imagined they should? Let us know about it in the comments section!

Note: On certain older models, they refer to the setting as "short-edge" or "long-edge" binding positions.

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