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Cline's Network Contracts

We are smack dab in the middle of the digital age. Just a decade ago, not all copiers and MFPs were as capable as they are today. Nearly all of the devices are now hooked into computer networks to allow printing, scanning, and network faxing - they don't just copy anymore!

When you purchase a machine from Cline's and go under a service contract, it covers 100% of your machine's needs from toner, imaging units and drums, waste boxes, other consumables, general cleaning and repair, and much more.

What about the other stuff?

A standard computer networkSeparate from your maintenance agreement is the optional network maintenance agreement that we offer. The network maintenance agreement covers problems with one or more computers on the network being unable to print or scan, setting up printing or scanning to/from proprietary software programs, any installation or re-installation of printer drivers, and any physical connections that need to be made from the copier to your existing network.

Without an optional network contract, you can still call Cline's to come out and take care of any non-copier-related issues, but our standard hourly rate applies.

Don't have your own in-house IT Department?

Let Cline's be your IT Department! For a flat annual fee, Cline's will take care of all network issues as they relate to your MFP device - Sign up for a network contract today! Simply fill out and remit the contract to sign up.

What about the rest of my IT related problems?

Cline's will also work on any other issues you have with your computer network at our standard hourly rates. Have a virus? Can't get your email? Need a new wireless network set up? Give us a call and we'll come straight to you and get everything taken care of. Or, if you prefer, you can always drop off your computer at our office and we can take care of it here.

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