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Be Aware of Scammers!

Please let your office staff know!!!

Those whom we call 'Toner Pirates,' 'Toner Scammers' etc. are out in full force. Please let your staff know ALL OF YOUR TONER IS FREE!! All you need to do is simply call Cline's @ (559)733-9354 and ask for more when you are out or preferably when you install your last bottle.

These scammers are clever, and in some cases have made several calls gathering information about your models of copiers and your service provider. The scammer will then call, on occasion even pretending to be Cline's with some bogus 'SALE' that is ending and saying toner prices are going to increase very soon so you better act now! The unsuspecting office person answering the phone agrees to a purchase and the product is sent UPS to the site. Like everyone else, packages arrive, they are accepted/signed for and the UPS man leaves. You open a box and find out you have been billed $300-$400 for a 'single' bottle of toner.

If you ever receive a call like this or have any suspicion at all, please call J.D., Yvette or Rose @ Cline's (559) 733-9354 and confirm you're being contacted by Cline's Business Equipment. Also, Cline's will never call you 'selling' toner because remember... It's all free and covered under all of your maintenance contracts!

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