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How about this weather?...

It has been dark and gloomy for days on end! Did you know that the weather can affect your copiers performance? Here are a few things that you can do to make sure you stay up and running when it's wet, cold, and rainy!

  • Keep a minimum temperature of at least 65 degrees in your office - Many machines (especially color copiers) will code out and have issues if they become too cold. The mirrors and lenses will fog up, and the imaging units will act goofy. Keeping your office environment warm can keep this from happening!
  • Keep your paper in a dry, relatively warm place - If your paper is exposed to the elements and becomes damp or wrinkled from the cold or extreme heat, it can cause several problems such as jamming, creasing, and folding of copies. The humidity in the paper when heated by the rollers causes the paper to curl and fold in on itself just as a curling iron works on wet hair. Keep your paper in a climate-controlled area to prevent this!
  • Don't push your copier too close to a wall, or into a "closet" in your office - If your copier is too close to a wall, or in a room where the air is not well ventilated, it can cause it to overheat (especially in the Summer months)and kill expensive hard to replace components inside the machine. Keep your copier/MFP several inches away from the wall to encourage favorable airflow in and around the machine, and don't place your copier in a corner office that doesn't have an A/C vent!

With these quick tips you can keep your copier in tip-top shape and prevent unnecessary service requests, and keep your business up and running!

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